Our services

Do you have a criative mind full of ideas?

At Atelier Grácia Sofia we have a team with a vast mastery of manual techniques, which allow us to realise your designs in a surprising and exclusive way.

Our services are personalised and range from the execution of:

  • Jewellery and bijouterie pieces, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, etc.;
  • Hand embroidered lace;
  • Applications of stones, pearls, sequins, beads, springs, clasps, buttons, plates or other materials;
  • Macramé or crochet elements;
  • Manipulation of textiles such as honeycombs, moulding, bows, flowers, tassels, pompoms, fabric origami, felting, etc.;
  • Hand embroidery such as Goldwork/military embroidery;
  • Embroidery with all types of thread, wool, raffia, etc.;
  • Works with recycled materials.

The services we provide are not limited to this list. We work flexibly and closely with our client, so that through the combination of techniques and materials, we can bring to life the designs that our client is looking for.

We have already executed pieces for several industries such as  footwear, accessories, fashion, interior decoration and also for brides industries. Now all that remains is to bring your design to life.

If you have a project you want to implement, contact us at info@graciasofia.com

Let us know if you have an idea or a project you´d like to discuss with us.



Sketch into Samples

Bring us your ideas, we will handcraft them into reality, refining and testing them until we reach your vision.



We always make sure to involve you every step of the way, so your true desires come to life.



Our skillful handcrafts will bring your vision to life with accuracy and excellence.


Quality Control

We have a detailed quality control process in every production step to ensure flawless, exquisite results.